Organic Vectory

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Our clients are organizations operating at the forefront of technology.

They demand high quality services and often have extraordinary challenges requiring unique approaches.



  • 3D Renderer quality improvement for current generation
  • Design and implementation of next generation interactive 3D graphics architecture
  • Research into detailed, high quality 3D visualisation and guidance on mobile devices


Technology provider for indentifying and monetizing audio and video media content
  • Performance optimisation of content validation on set-top-boxes
  • Design and implementation of remote operated Watermark Embedder
  • Research facilitation
  • Integration of HD/SD SDI streaming Video/Audio hardware

TNO Built Environment & Geosciences

GPGPU acceleration of the SRM-2 noise polution simulation
  • Speed increase of 100x on consumer hardware (single GPU)
GPGPU implementation of INDY, a traffic congestion simulation
  • Speed increase of 40x on consumer hardware (single GPU)
Oce logo

Océ / MuTracx

Provider of professional printing solutions

  • GPGPU (CUDA) acceleration of their new PCB printing technology
  • Advise on hardware demands for production setup
  • Knowledge transfer of parallel computing architecture design and implementation
Navigram logo


3D interior design planner and visualizer

  • Mozilla Firefox plug-in support on Windows
  • Safari plug-in support on Apple OSX
  • Port of 3D renderer from DirectX to OpenGL
  • Improving Direct3D rendering for the authoring tools and Internet Explorer plug-in
  • Consultancy on WebGL
Mapscape logo


Provides high quality services around LBS content.

  • 2D to 3D data processing
  • Data format conversion
  • Interactive 3D viewer
NavTeq logo


World leader in Geo Spatial and Geo Referenced Data

  • Research into new data models enabling efficient 3D visualization
  • Software library for generating efficient 3D models from non 3D database attributes
  • Real-time visualization application
  • Online 3D mesh creation from shape and meta data using procedural algorithms
Best logo

Best Sorting

Producer of computer vision based high-volume sorting systems

  • Design and implementation of a plug-in software architecture
  • Design and implementation of a communication library based on Boost.Asio
Delta logo

Delta Solutions

Innovative software products and solutions for the AV branche

  • Consultancy on GPU performance optimization for transition from SD to HD video
Mixed In Key logo

Mixed In Key, USA

Harmonic mixing DJ tools

  • Software development for GPU acceleration

TNO Defense, Safety and Security

  • Performance optimization of the Forward Air Controller training simulation. Originally designed for SGI Onyx2, now running on high end laptops.
  • Performance optimizations on their next generation simulation platform.
RevUp Render logo

RevUp Render, USA

BIM processing acceleration

  • AutoDesk render data exchange