Organic Vectory

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Science and algorithms

Numerical analysis in science is especially helped by the number crunching power of the GPU. Fourier transformations, numerical linear algebra, differential equations, singular value decompositions. All can be greatly sped up by adoption of GPU computing and at a fraction of the costs of traditional HPC.

Not only can GPGPU be cost efficient, it also enables moving away from offline calculating to online or even real-time processing. Possibly on a laptop which means taking your personal data center anywhere you like. This can be a tremendous advantage in applied sciences and field work.

Artificial Reasoning

Grown out of interest for believable virtual characters we have studied the field of Artificial Reasoning. Combined with our knowledge of simulation technology, virtual environments and parallel processing, we have created a "Temporal Associative Memory". Based on this technology we developed ovPersona, a product that imbues Virtual characters with believable human behavior.

Planetary Terrain Rendering

We like to explore the boundaries of simulation technology. One of our efforts was to find practical solutions for the challenges that come with huge virtual environments. ovPlanet combined with efficient content streaming has solved many of those issues.