Organic Vectory

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A collection of lectures, papers, articles and other publications by Organic vectory, in the field of simulation and visualisation.

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Bits&Chips 2011 Embedded Systemen

18 november 2011, 11:45

Evoluon, Eindhoven

"De Parallelle Revolutie van GPU's en CPU's"

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GPU Mini Symposium 2010

Cross platform GPGPU with OpenCL

Lectures for final year students "Informatica"

- OpenGL GLSL shader development
- GPGPU Cuda kernel development

Advanced rendering with OpenGL 3.x and GLSL

Introduction on advanced real-time 3D graphics rendering with GLSL shaders.

Introduction 3D graphics

A series of three lectures providing an introduction into the basic concepts of real-time 3D graphics.

    Component based simulation modeling

    Complex real-time simulated environments made possible using components based modeling.

      GPGPU development with OpenCL

      General-purpose computing on GPUs using the OpenCL API.
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      ISC'11, Research poster winner

      In collaboration with TNO, for a GPGPU implementation of the SRM-2 Noise Pollution Simulation.

      Poster (PDF)

      Accelerating Data Processing with GPGPU

      A top level overview for an audiance new to GPGPU

      Whitepaper (PDF)  [NL]  [Eng]

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      issue juli 2011

      "OpenCL, het nieuwe werken voor parallel programmeren"